When to vote and how to make it matter



Eric Holguin has been helping register students to vote while running for the Texas House of Representatives

Vashti Rosa, Reporter

The 2020 presidential election is fast approaching along with the deadline for registering to vote. For college students the process of voting can be an ambiguous one and in Texas there are a few dates to keep in mind prior to voting on Nov. 3. 

  • The deadline to register to vote in person is Oct. 5.
  • Early voting for Texas residents lasts from Oct. 13. through Oct. 30. 
  • The deadline to request a ballot by mail in Texas is Oct. 23.
  • Beginning Oct. 13, TAMU-CC students will be able to vote early by going to the Michael and Karen O’Connor building, RM 135. 

For first time voters, once your application is sent in a voter registration certificate will be issued and mailed to you within 30 days. This certificate is proof of registration and will automatically be sent to the address on file every two years. 

Students who have voted in previous statewide elections but have gone through a change of county or address must re-register with their updated place of residence information by Oct. 3.if they wish to vote in a new area. The address on your I.D. does not have to match the address you are registered to vote at. 

Voting is a necessary part of creating and nurturing change on a national and local level when it comes to creating and implementing policy for all people. Eric Holguin, a TAMU-CC Alumni and South Texas native, is running to represent the 32nd District and the Democratic party in the Texas House of Representatives and will be on the primary ballot Nov 3. Holguin has been at TAMU-CC’s campus encouraging students to register in this upcoming election. 

“Your vote matters,” said Holguin. “The power is within young people, we have the power to decide where our country, our state, our community is headed. People deciding what your tuition is think your vote matters, people deciding what your rent will be think it matters, and people who decide how large or little your paycheck is think it matters because it does.”

Business senior, William Adams, plans to cast his vote in person on Nov. 3 at the polling location on campus. Adams is involved with the Texas College Republicans and expressed why he will be voting in this upcoming election. 

“I plan on voting this election not because I feel anyone’s life is at stake, or because I feel that this is the most important election of the century. I’m voting because I feel it’s just being part of America,” said Adams, “If everyone feels like their votes don’t matter, no one turns out and you end up with leadership that might not fit your needs; voting has its consequences.”

To register to vote or update residency information, visit votetexas.gov. For more information on local election resources and information on local candidates, visit nuecesco.com.