New Student Organization CAHSI


Gabriella Ruiz, Reporter

On Sept. 21 CAHSI (Computing Alliance of Hispanic Serving Institutions) hosted their second general meeting for the fall semester of 2020. During this meeting students were able to learn more about CAHSI and the meaning behind it. Students were also able to apply for leadership roles within the organization.

CAHSI is a national network that spreads from the United States to Puerto Rico for Hispanic Serving Institutions. TAMU-CC has been a founding member of CAHSI since 2006 and is continuing to grow on campus as we speak.

This fall semester has led CAHSI to create its own student organization club which allows students to have the resources they need to pursue their degree in either computer science, mathematics, engineering or other subjects related to CAHSI.

Program Coordinator of CAHSI, Gracie Gibbon, addressed that due to changes in leadership CAHSI were unable to establish a student club. With the help of her Student Advocate Sarina Garcia they were able to create an organization to benefit students. “CAHSI’s main goal is to increase the number of Hispanics to get computing degrees and eventually to get into different industry positions,” said Gibbon.

Since this is CAHSI’s first year on campus as an organization they currently don’t have any events planned for Hispanic Heritage Month. In the future they plan on having events related to HHM once they have everything settled.

Garcia mentioned that since the first meeting the number of students have increased due to them showing interest in becoming members of CAHSI. During the meeting Garcia presented using a PowerPoint which highlighted what CAHSI is, how the club fits into CAHSI, TAMU-CC fitting in, ways to get involved and the overall mission into completing the goals for the organization.

“Computer science students should definitely join CAHSI just as a way of a course network on the island and make friends in your classes,” said Garcia, “It really builds that good support system and network of students to help you succeed during your 4 years here on the island.”

Computer Science Major, Amado Lazo, a junior here at TAMU-CC joined this organization to get assistance from fellow computer science majors. Lazo mentioned he likes the objective that is behind CAHSI which allows Hispanics and other minority populations to accelerate in their major. “I would expect everyone to enjoy this organization since it is its own computer science organization,” said Lazo.

Sarina Garcia describing what CAHSI is.