Scholarship deadline fast approaching


Courtesy of Marketing and Communications/TAMUCC

The Student Service Center houses the Office of Student Financial Assistance.

Vashti Rosa, Reporter

The deadline to apply for internal scholarships offered by TAMU-CC for the Spring 2021 semester is Nov. 15 for undergraduate students and Nov. 1 for graduate students. For external scholarships the application deadline varies depending on the requirements made by the third party.

The strenuous search along with endless applications and essays is enough for many to throw in the towel when applying for scholarships. With the Scholarship Office’s help, students are now able to be matched with external financial opportunities.

Scholarship Universe is a platform that allows students to search and find scholarships that are specific to them. Through this portal students can submit and track their application status, upload the essential documents necessary and store application information. 

Students who may not have qualified for the CARES grant can find more information on Scholarship Universe by visiting the Scholarship Office’s page on the TAMU-CC webpage. For undergraduate and graduate students, university login credentials are necessary to access the individual’s account. Once in the portal, students complete a series of questions about themselves and are automatically matched with an array of scholarships relevant to their field of study. 

Prior to using this platform, the Scholarship Office was able to match students with scholarships offered by the university but was unable to provide a gateway for students to find external sources of funding. 

“The matching site the university used prior to switching programs to Scholarship Universe, was limited in the ability to match students with external scholarships found outside of TAMU-CC,” said Director of Scholarship Services, Lorena Quevedo-Delgado. 

In Sept. 2019 the university purchased the license for Scholarship Universe to be able to provide an all-inclusive matching feature with a much more user-friendly layout for students. 

“At the time we thought, the university has a lot of funding for scholarships, but it would be amazing if we could bring a website students can use as a one-stop place where students can search for anything and apply for external funding,” said Quevedo-Delgado, “That was the most important thing for us to be able to offer.”

Since its launch, TAMU-CC students have been able to apply for hundreds of external scholarships regardless of low GPA or level of financial need. Students can also complete a common application that automatically applies them for multiple scholarships. 

In many instances, a student may not be well informed on how scholarships work or if they are eligible to apply for them. The site takes into account not only the student’s financial need but also their interests, career aspirations and personal experiences. 

Biomedical science junior, Morgan Christian, is one of the many students who have applied through the portal and received two scholarships from matches made by the site. Prior to using Scholarship Universe she had to apply for scholarships the hard way. 

“I had to apply to scholarships individually which took a lot of time,” said Christian. “This is definitely a more efficient/convenient way; it’s very user friendly, it allows for a variety of scholarships for all backgrounds, majors, and interests.”

Christian received $1,000 from the scholarships alone and encourages students to utilize this resource to help elevate the financial and emotional strain that comes with paying for college. “School is expensive and in order to have a stable debt-free future you need to apply to as many scholarships as you can. Every bit counts,” continued Christian. 

Regardless of financial need, students are encouraged to complete their FAFSA for the upcoming 2021 academic year. “It helps us get information that can help us make award decisions and get a better screening of the person,” said Quevedo-Delgado.