Sushi Rolls and Copperhead Jacks coming to TAMU-CC


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The university will present Sushic and Copperhead Jack’s as the latest food vendors in the Cove.

Karina Garcia, Riptide Anchor

A few changes will be happening to The Cove’s dining options soon. Replacing the salad bar, Pizza Hut, and the deli counter will be TAMU-CC’s new food vendors, Sushic and Copperhead Jacks. Open house for Copperhead Jacks will be on Oct. 8 from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Sushic will arrive on campus as soon as January of 2021.

According to senior executive chef Miguel Riojas, sous-chefs will be on campus daily to make fresh rolls everyday. Sushic will provide sets of popular sushi items daily like california rolls, while other sushi options will be available on rotation throughout the week. Additionally, Sushic will be serving Pho and ramen options.

Jude Martin, the resident district manager says sushi will be made upon ordering but will also be available pre-made for grab-n-go style. Still, according to Martin pre-made rolls will always remain fresh because they will be made earlier that same day. Martin also adds that the most expensive roll would be an Allstar combo which includes two rolls and ranges at about $12. The average roll ranges at around $7 to $8.

When it comes to Copperhead Jacks, Riojas says, “it is going to be our internal version of what you would call a Chipotle.” In other words, this new vendor will follow the same ordering style of a Chipotle restaurant. Those who grab a bite to eat at Copperhead Jacks will be able to choose from a customized burrito, taco, salad, or quesadilla. Aside from the grilled chicken, grilled steak, carnitas and picadillo “like grandma makes it,” there will also be vegetarian options. Just to name a few, this includes roasted vegetables and butternut squash with quinoa.

“I want to try to make it regional because the majority of the students here are from south Texas… I definitely want to hit home with everyone,” said Riojas. “We are going to have different beans, charro beans,  black beans, ciltrano rice, regular rice and red rice. He also mentions that some of the more exciting menu options include Mexican coke, and homemade churros with caramel sauce.

Riojas also mentions that all the sauces and salsas will be housemade, “All the recipes have been tested… they are very balanced for the palette, not too spicy, not too mild, just right. We have been working really hard to get it down, and we feel like it is going to be a really good hit.”

Susan Layton, director for University Services says the decision to cut out Pizza Hut from the cove was simply based on low sales revenue. “We were not even getting enough business there to support the people working there daily. When you look at the sales, we decided we needed to replace Pizza Hut. Same thing with the salad bar, although the salad bar is popular with some people it is still a small group, same thing with the sandwiches.”

Layton also mentions that bringing Sushic and Copperhead Jacks to TAMU-CC was based on a series of answers from student surveys.

Moreover, following Copperhead Jack’s grand opening will be a series of events, as listed below, where students will have the opportunity to win an Alexa from Amazon, and get free food.

Thursday Oct. 8: Ribbon cutting @10:45, free keychain with purchase of Mexican cola (while supplies last) & entertainment by UCP

Monday Oct.12: free churro and caramel sauce with entrée

Tuesday Oct.13: free chicken or carnita taco with entrée

Wednesday Oct.14: win it Wednesday (amazon alexa)

Thursday Oct.15: free chips and salsa with any entrée purchased with dining dollars

Friday Oct.16: free fountain beverage with purchase of quesadilla