ICA hosts their Calavera craft pick up for HHM


Gabriella Ruiz

Staff of ICA handing out the Calavera kits.

Gabriella Ruiz, Reporter

On Oct. 12 Islander Cultural Alliance (ICA) hosted their Calavera Craft pick up in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month. Students were able to receive a goodie bag containing a ceramic sugar skull with a paint set and jewels.

The “Calavera” is meant to represent a human skull. People all around decorate these sugar skulls in various colors, flowers, jewels, and more to honor those who are no longer living. These Calaveras are seen everywhere when celebrating Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead), especially during Hispanic Heritage Month.

Students are encouraged to decorate their sugar skulls and post their Calavera on their Instagram story on Oct. 19. By tagging ICA on their story, ICA will be able to put other submissions side by side on Oct. 21 for other students to vote on their favorite one. This will be similar to what ICA did for their Alebrije event and students will be able to win an Amazon Echo Show.

Programming Coordinator of ICA Joseph Monroy mentioned that the purpose of having this Calavera event is to spread the history behind the culture of HHM. Monroy also addressed that ICA’s goal is to educate students about the many forms of art that are significantly important to the Hispanic and Latino culture. “I hope students are appreciating the Hispanic Heritage art forms because there is a lot to offer in this culture and the Calavera is a big part of it,” said Monroy, “We had a really great turnout. We want everybody to have a chance to come explore the art forms and enter for a chance to win an Amazon Echo Show.”

EC-6 Gen Education major, Sasha Alcorta, a junior here at TAMU-CC enjoyed picking up her very own Calavera to decorate in vibrant colors and the jewels provided. Alcorta mentioned that she hopes ICA provides more events such as these because educating students allows them to get a better understanding of different cultures. “The reason that the Calavera we see during Dia de los Muertos are so colorful is because we are celebrating how vibrant and colorful the lives were of our lost loved ones,” said Alcorta, “We are celebrating and remembering our loved ones and representation will shine through the colors we select.”

ICA would like to thank the chair of HHM Andrea Hamid for her support that has allowed events to become a success, as well as the community of TAMU-CC for being able to provide events like these for HHM.

Supplies that the Calavera kit came with. (Gabriella Ruiz)