Islander Green Team hosts their virtual paint party



Attendees were able to pick up their supplies for a virtual paint party.

Gabriella Ruiz, Reporter

On Oct. 14 the Islander Green Team held their fourth general meeting. During this meeting students had a virtual sustainable paint party on WebEx. Students were able to pick up their supplies at TAMU-CC’s Islander Garden shed. The burlap sack included a canvas, reusable paint containers, a paint brush, candy and seeds to plant. 

When the meeting started students were able to watch a film about gardening and sustainable practices while they painted their artwork at the same time. They were able to watch “The Garden on Kanopy” so that there were no copyright issues. 

Students could paint whatever they pleased, however IGT’s only rule was that the student’s artwork had to be related to environmental conservation, nature or wildlife in order to be considered valid for the contest. Those who wished to be entered into the contest sent their painting to IGT’s GroupMe or posted to their Instagram story. Students had a chance at winning a sustainability starter pack that included metal straws, a bamboo toothbrush, reusable produce bags, a water bottle and more.

Islander Green Team President, Jordan Rodriguez mentioned how students all think differently which leads to unique ideas. Rodriguez was excited to see what an education major vs a graphic design or business major can present. “I hope that students learn something from the film, specifically about garden spaces, like larger community garden spaces,” said Rodriguez. “I also hope that if they don’t necessarily learn something, then they can at least connect the dots between conservation, sustainability, and other areas such as art. Sustainability branches far beyond science.”

Biology and Spanish major, Perla Ortiz, a junior here at TAMU-CC attended the meeting because it had relevant information about helping out the environment. Ortiz mentioned this event allowed her to engage with others and take a break from her everyday busy schedule. “I have decided to paint a beach scene with a turtle hatchling making its way to the ocean because we are near South Padre Island, which is a very important spot for turtle nestling,” said Ortiz, “I do hope to win a prize but the reasoning for the event is very important to emphasize. Events hosted by the Islander Green Team are often very fun, and I hope to attend more in the future.”

IGT welcomes everybody to join in on their fun activities throughout the semester. For more information, check out IGT’s page on I-Engage for more details.