CAB presents their Drive-In movie Knives Out


Gabriella Ruiz

Knives out on the projector screen.

Gabriella Ruiz, Sports Editor

On Oct. 21, Campus Activities Board hosted a Drive-In movie at the Turtle Cove Parking Lot here at TAMU-CC. CAB presented students with the film Knives Out on an inflatable outdoor theater projector screen.

CAB normally presents their Screen on the Green event every semester, however during this pandemic they had to twist up a way to host a social distancing event while following the University’s guidelines and keep everyone safe.

The volunteers of CAB and members from Islander Housing directed students with vehicles in order for them to know where to park and those who didn’t have vehicles were directed to their own section in front of the screen while staying 6 feet apart from other groups. Students who didn’t have a vehicle were encouraged to bring either a chair or blanket to sit on the ground.

Before the movie started, the volunteers told students to scan their QR code that directed them to sign into I-Engage to be able to receive their snacks such as candy and a drink of their preference. Students were then asked to tune in on FM 94.9 on the radio if they were sitting in their cars to watch the movie.

Coordinator of CAB Mia Gonzales mentioned that the rest of the CAB crew and herself chose this movie because it was a mystery theme without being considered scary. Gonzales also stated that this movie was something that everyone could be comfortable watching. “We always hope that students enjoy our events and want to continue attending all of CAB’s events,” said Gonzales, “Due to our events being so different, I wouldn’t be able to say that this event will affect attendance in future events. We are open to hosting more Drive-Ins. Our spring schedule is not set yet, so it is a possibility.”

Childhood development major Rosemary Esquivel, a freshman here at TAMU-CC, attended this event because she loves the movie Knives Out. Esquivel mentioned this movie was a perfect choice for the drive-in because it was a murder mystery that was funny instead of being a scary movie. “I would attend more drive-ins,” said Esquivel, “I would like to see a horror movie, like the Nightmare on Elm Street. It was really fun and nice to get out and do something, especially now.”

For additional information about CAB’s upcoming events, stay tuned on their I-Engage and Instagram to see if they’ll host similar Drive-In events such as this one.