Citations issued to three students for criminal mischief at campus voting center


Kendall Canez

Three students knocked over signs outside the campus voting center

Kendall Canez, Reporter

Shortly after noon three men were accused of causing a disturbance outside the O’Connor Building where many are going to cast their ballots today.

A poll worker by the name of Charles Harris who was sitting outside the building, stated that the men were students dressed in MAGA gear, one even sporting a confederate flag as a cape. The men, “…were just trying to engage anyone outside in front of O’Connor why there were no Trump signs,” Said Harris. “They were saying out loud that there were some Trump signs out in front of O’Connor this morning.” 

However, Harris interjected, informing them that he had been outside the building since 6:45 a.m. and there were no Trump signs. “They were more jokingly asking. They were not visibly upset,” stated Harris.

With that, the men walked off. However, as they neared the end of the sign row, they started to slap and kick some signs including a Joe McComb, David “Matt” Farias, and a COVID-19 Safety sign. Harris stated that even a Biden/Harris sign was tampered with. 

“There was a guy and girl couple that was coming out of the front of O’Connor right as it was happening but they seemed not too concerned,” said Harris, talking about students in the vicinity

Harris contacted the University Police Department and the Democratic Party to relay the incident. It was said the men had  gone to the University Center for lunch and were found by UPD officers a short while later. 

According to Harris, “The citation charges from what the officer had told me, would be for criminal mischief.” The signs were still knocked down and even some of the stakes holding them up were broken or bent. 

Despite this incident, no other notable events have occurred at the polling location and it is safe to continue voting. Voting ends at 7pm tonight and the UPD are making more rounds to ensure voter safety.