Todd Hunter wins election for Texas House of Representatives


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Todd Hunter remains in the Texas House of Representatives

Matthew Tamez, Editor-in-Chief

Republican incumbent Todd Hunter has won against his opponent, Democrat and TAMU-CC alumnus Eric Holguin for District 32 of the Texas House of Representatives.

Hunter, present at the Nueces County Courthouse on Nov. 3, spoke about his lead as the election was coming to a close. “I just work hard, I campaign. I’m very pleased tonight. It is a strong lead.”

Hunter runs on a platform of suicide prevention, diminishing domestic violence and stopping the proliferation of human trafficking. “I think these three issues, and there are others, really made an impact (in getting the votes),” said Hunter. “…I think it gives the community an opportunity to get involved.”

Hunter encouraged citizens to get involved in Texas’ future. “If anyone has an idea of a thought or concept on making the law better, let us know,” said Hunter. “The best laws come from you.

“I am proud and honored and very thankful to all the voters for their support tonight,” Hunter continued.

While local elections here have wrapped up, votes are still being counted in Texas for our national elections. According to the Caller Times, approximately 96% of Texas votes have been counted. Be sure to follow us on our social media at IslandWavesToGo and check back on our website for more information.