CAB trivia night


Gabriella Ruiz

Beginning of the game night

Gabriella Ruiz, Sports Editor

On Nov. 17, CAB (Campus Activities Board) hosted a Game Night Trivia Edition on Twitch. In difficult times through this pandemic, CAB became creative with technology to continue to put on their events virtually this fall.

In this case, in order for students to participate in this trivia night they had to create their own Twitch account to be able to play. Once students created their Twitch account they were able to fill out a form through I-Engage to be entered into the game.

Twitch happens to be a popular live streaming platform that was created in 2011 for users to play with other gamers or to simply watch others play and interact with them as they go live.

When students entered the game on Twitch they were asked to tap on a Quiz Kit icon in order to manage access to play. While they waited they were introduced to the game host Gus Davis who entertained the audience throughout the night.

Participants were able to interact with one another on the stream chat as they played trivia topics that ranged from video games, presidents, actors from movies or tv shows, animals and more. Those who placed high ranks on the leaderboard were able to win cash prizes such as Amazon gift cards.

Director of CAB Victoria Garza mentioned how her and the rest of the CAB members were excited to be able to bring the trivia game night on Twitch to the University. Garza stated how the use of Twitch was the best option virtually due to the pandemic as well as the way they saw their vision and the direction the event was planned out. “Trivia night was made as an event to offer the students a new opportunity to experience a competitive atmosphere at home,” said Garza, “I hope that students were able to have a fun night with many memories.”

Health science major Olivia Saenz, a sophomore here at TAMU-CC, participated in this trivia game night in hopes of taking home a cash prize. However Saenz stated how the categories didn’t spark her interest in which she was not close to winning. “Twitch was super fun,” said Saenz, “Being able to have a live host and chat room was fun and close to feeling like an in-person event. CAB continues to sponsor new and fun events throughout this pandemic and I can’t thank them enough for keeping campus activities alive.”

For more events hosted by CAB, stay tuned on their I-Engage or social media platforms for more information.