‘The Ripper’ is coming to Corpus Christi


Courtesy of Digital Marketing Executive Nicole Read

Winners for Best Team Photo in Edinburgh on July 27.

Karina Garcia, Riptide Anchor

‘The Ripper’ is a virtual UK based game of clue where participants will scatter across the city of Corpus Christi to solve the murder mystery of the infamous Jack the Ripper. On Feb. 20 teams of six will be able to participate in the city-wide search for The Ripper via the CluedUpp app. All you need to do is purchase a $50 ticket that will cover a team of six, have one smartphone per team and a fun, but optional, costume of your choice.

The storyline follows players as they attempt to locate virtual witnesses and solve clues left behind by a copycat Jack the Ripper killer who is on the loose. “Our storyline is completely fictional and has been cleverly written by our in-house writers,” said Digital Marketing Executive Nicole Read, “We are all massive murder-mystery, detective and adventure fans here so we wanted to create a new story that gave players a shiver down their spine, an exciting thrill, and something that will really keep players on their toes. We like to describe our games as a mixture between Pokémon GO and Cluedo!”

According to their webpage the virtual murder-mystery will take place from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday. The game is played entirely outdoors to ensure participant safety due to COVID-19 and multiple start locations will be placed to ensure teams are socially distant. Additionally, because of COVID-19 tickets are limited and as of Feb. 10 there were only nine tickets remaining. Participants under the age of 16 are allowed to play for free as an extra guest.

Participants will also be given the chance to win prizes for categories such as Fastest team, Best fancy dress (detective inspired), Best team picture, Best team name, Best young detective (under 16 years old) and Best K-9 (dogs prize).

“They (participants) can expect a day out like no other with their friends and families! It’s good for team bonding and working skills, it’s great for step counting as you are walking a distance of around 5k – 7k, gets the brain ticking and overall it’s a unique game that will be a memory they will never forget,” said Read, “Our games have been hugely popular in the USA, so we are confident that the people of Corpus Christi will love playing them as much as other places have!”

Winners for Best Team Photo, known as ‘The Clueless Family.’ (Courtesy of Digital Marketing Executive Nicole Read)