Can you find the hidden Shakas on campus?

Gabriella Ruiz, Sports Editor

Student Activities and the Homecoming Committee will be hosting a Shaka Search from Feb. 23 through Feb. 27 on GooseChase which is available on IOS and the Android store.

Normally Student Activities would be hosting a Medallion hunt for student organizations to win for the spirit competition. Due to the pandemic in, this Shaka Search will allow students to individually compete for prizes this year during homecoming week. Students will have the opportunity to find the Shaka stickers hidden around campus. Shakas can also be found at the Whataburger field for bonus points this upcoming Saturday.

This scavenger hunt will allow students to take “live pictures” of where they find the hidden Shaka and each one will be worth 100 points to keep the game fair.

The prizes for this event will be drawings for students, faculty and staff to win. Faculty and staff will have their own prizes to the side separated from the students. The prizes for the students will be put into three levels in the amount of how many Shakas they find.  Level one will be a $50 Amazon Shopping spree with a Homecoming Islander gift basket, level two, $100 Amazon Shopping spree with a Homecoming Islander gift basket, and lastly level three will be a $150 Amazon Shopping spree with a Homecoming Islander gift basket as well.

Student Activities Coordinator, Mara Wiginton addressed that this is their first year doing an event like this so they plan to see how it goes and if they will need to make adjustments later on. “We just want to promote Islander spirit and we want to have a lot of different opportunities for students to participate in Homecoming events,” said Wiginton, “We know things look different this year with COVID so we know attending events might be harder for students. We’re hoping this initiative just gets people to go find and hunt Shakas to have fun to show Islander spirit.“

Savannah Ruiz, a freshman who is majoring in Kinesiology plans on participating in this event to be more involved with the campus as she’s required to attend one event per week for one of her classes. “I think it allows people who don’t want to go out in a group setting a chance to be more active around campus and do it on their own time,” said Ruiz, “I plan on attending all the hoco events so I can get my organization more points for the spirit contest.”

For more information about this scavenger hunt visit to see additional details about the event itself for homecoming week.