Eco-conscious renovations to be made to UC rotunda

Kendall Canez, Reporter

Beginning Feb. 9 the University Center was partially closed as construction to the rotunda ceiling began and foot traffic in the area has been impacted as a result. According to Dr. Dawson, Vice President of Operations for the University, “Due to past roof leaks, the ceiling tile in the rotunda had unsightly stains or damaged tiles that could potentially create a falling hazard.”

The UC’s roof had been recently replaced but a decision was made to convert the obsolete fluorescent lighting to newer LED technology which is more environmentally and energy friendly. Dr. Dawson stated that the old ceiling tiles will also be replaced with “…more environmentally and durable ‘green’ technological material,” which is sturdy enough to last for many years. With the recent renovations to the restaurants within The Cove food court, such as Copperhead Jacks and Sushic, the changes within the rotunda are also being aesthetically designed to tie into the more modern design of The Cove.

The height of the UC’s ceiling requires specialized equipment that is very costly to rent for the university, thus all the construction is being allocated into a singular large project.

Currently, construction is still ongoing and will continue through Mar. 8. The University urges caution when entering the building and patience while the renovations are being completed. There is no word as to whether construction has been delayed due to the recent historic freeze.