BSU plans to create their own version of “Hot Ones” on campus


Courtesy of BSU

BSU active members at the Open Mic Night that was held at the Performing Arts Center.

Gabriella Ruiz, Sports Editor

The Black Student Union organization is planning to bring an ongoing interview series to TAMU-CC that will be their own version of the “Hot Ones” series on YouTube. The series will give BSU the chance to interview student organization leaders, athletes, faculty members and more on campus.

As they conduct the interviews they will be eating foods such as wings, burgers, spicy nuggets and a variety of hot sauces that will have people’s mouths on fire. It’s undetermined what specific hot sauces they plan on using but BSU plans to bring a full spectrum of heat.

BSU intends to bring their first video soon depending on how their schedule goes. The first video will include members of their organization interacting with the speaker who asks them questions while devouring spicy foods to show how they plan to host the interviews. BSU plans to have the series gain popularity by posting it all over social media and even creating a YouTube account to be entertaining and interactive for everyone.

BSU President Dante Gaiter mentioned that they want to try and host the series at the O’Connor building, a room in the UC or the I-Create Lab to have their set up in a location to film. Gaiter also addressed that they are going to make sure they aren’t breaking the COVID-19 regulations enforced by TAMU-CC.

“I hope students get a better sense of basically their campus and the faculty around them,” said Gaiter, “There could be a lot of stories our faculty members have that they could share over like hot wings or something. They could see more of their personality and not just like oh the faculty members are old. They can gain a better connection to campus through these relationships with watching these videos.”

Jada Stringer, Vice President of BSU, mentioned how she loves spicy food and how all her favorite foods have spice included. Stringer hopes that this series will allow people to learn more about others on campus and have fun while doing it. “Outreaching is a big part of BSU,” said Stringer, “Bringing light to other organizations and problems they face to bring awareness. I believe it will be successful… bringing it to campus will be really good.”

For more information about this upcoming series stay on the lookout on BSU’s Instagram page for when they release their first video.