Will you play CAB’s Treasure of an Islander?


CAB’s Treasure of an Islander map

Gabriella Ruiz, Sports Editor

CAB (Campus Activities Board) will be hosting The Treasure of an Islander: Scavenger Hunt for a week from March 8 through March 12 on the GooseChase app.

All current TAMU-CC students are eligible to play by registering their username as their prefix from their Islander email or put in their first and last name. Students will have the opportunity to complete one hundred missions as twenty missions will be released per day around noon.

Many students are encouraged to play and CAB will be posting on their social media each day to remind those who still want to join. The organization recommended push notifications to be enabled for the app so that students can receive them when new missions get released, they get a like on their post, if their submission happens to be incorrect or any additional information from CAB members comes up.

The missions will consist of campus related topics and general questions for students to solve. CAB will be reviewing the submissions as they have permission to delete incorrect answers from those specific missions. To continue to keep the points, students will have the chance to submit a new answer.

All players who intend to play must keep in mind that they’re not allowed to upload pictures that have already been taken online. The pictures will need to be taken through the GooseChase app directly to be able to earn those correct points. When the game is over, students who placed in the top ten will be eligible for a prize that varies from different items.

Jessica Martinez, General Coordinator of CAB, mentioned this scavenger hunt would be a fun activity for students to be active while maintaining social distance protocols while on campus. “Get out there and play to complete as many missions as possible for a good prize,” said Martinez.

Jerricca Rossilli, a sophomore majoring in Atmospheric Science, is planning on playing this scavenger hunt because she played the last one CAB hosted in the fall semester. “It’s nice that CAB offers ways for us to have fun without having to be around lots of people amid the pandemic,” said Rossilli, “I think GooseChase is a fun app. It’s also very easy to use which is a plus and it allows us to have scavenger hunts like the ones CAB hosts. I hope it’s just as fun as the last scavenger hunt.”

For more information on the scavenger hunt, please visit https://tamucc.campuslabs.com/engage/event/6672936.