ICA hosts their Be-YOU-tiful Brunch for the end of Women’s History Month

Islander Culture Alliance hosted their Be-You-tiful Brunch for the last day of Women’s History Month on March 31.

The event intended to empower women by inspiring students about body positivity, confidence and to offer resources from the University Counseling Center.

Students that entered the Anchor Ballrooms were greeted with a chicken salad, cookies, drinks and even a Queen Beauty Club Expo shirt from 2020. The students were allowed to sit at tables while remaining six feet away from each other and they also received a small goodie bag with several items.

When the event kicked off, students were able to hear important keynotes from Dr. Lisa Perez who thanked ICA for allowing her to be there to speak. Dr. Perez spoke about her childhood and shared her experience with others who may be going through the same thing as her. Perez also addressed that everyone is beautiful in their own way and everyone around her mattered.

Theresa Sharpe, Associate Director of the University Counseling Center, presented an exercise that allowed students to close their eyes and express self-love. Sharpe also read a poem about self-image and how when people look in the mirror they’ll see themselves surrounded with love.

Faith Richards, Director of ICA, spoke inspirational words at the event which allowed women on campus to come together in one place and teach young women about their confidence as well as how to empower the women in their lives around them. “I hope that students left the event feeling valued and feeling like their experience were valued,” said Richards, “I hope they left the event with some resources on how to build confidence and embrace body positivity and their everyday life. I would say for women on campus to uplift other women 365 days a year. Don’t let it just be something that happens one month of the year.”

Dera Iwuagwu, a junior at TAMU-CC, was a part of planning the event and felt good about herself after it was over. Iwuagwu enjoyed Richards’ speech and felt like she wasn’t alone in her experiences. “Angela Davis is the woman who inspires me the most,” said Iwuagwu, “Her stride for social justice and liberation for black people is so admirable and something I constantly strive for. These types of events would fill someone’s heart with gold. I learned that I need to be a lot more easy on myself and that I need to love my body better and embrace who I am and how I look.”

Those who would like to attend more events hosted by ICA may keep up with their social media platforms as they have upcoming events for this semester.