Islander Rec will continue to host their summer camp for kids


Gabriella Ruiz, Sports Editor

This summer the Islander Rec Camp is hosting their well-known camp here at TAMU-CC for kids of students, the community, faculty and staff.

As of now, Rec Sports is hiring on Handshake so that students can apply to be a camp counselor for a paid summer job. Due to the Coronavirus last year, the summer camp was canceled after reviewing the CDC guidelines to for everyone’s safety. However, this year the camp is able to have a max of 40 children attend this eight week session.

The camp allows children from 5-12 years of age to engage in activities such as swimming lessons, frisbee, golf, recreational sports, group fitness and visiting the Early Childhood Development Center for activities there.

In order for children to participate there will be a fee of $107 as Rec Sports will provide the cost of the items that they will use. If parents decide they don’t want to pay the full $107 upon registration, they may pay on a scheduled weekly basis. Children will also receive a t-shirt along with other goodies that will be useful during the weeks of camp.

Krystal Walker, Marketing and Youth Program Coordinator, demonstrated how she hopes to get around 20 student counselors and four student supervisors for this summer camp’s staff. “We’ll expose them to different sports and different games,” said Walker, “They’ll get a sense of teamwork, working with others. They’ll also will have like this outlet. A lot of these kids are doing virtual learning or very limited activities when they aren’t at school. This is kind of a good way to release and kind of have an outlet of fun and leisure over the summer as they prepare to get ready for school next year. We’re doing all that we can to prepare, training, and covid safety.”

Krystiana Massengill, junior Camp Supervisor for the Islander Rec Camp, enjoys the idea of being around kids as she gets to see them learn new things with the activities they do. Massengill looks forward to allowing the kids to have a great summer despite COVID-19 going on and creating obstacles that they may encounter. “I am a firm believer that children are our future,” said Massengill, “Working the camp gives me the power to teach them how to be themselves and develop their own ideas, without overstepping their parents’ beliefs. I also enjoyed making memories with them and see them grow into individuals. I hope that camp counselors will get simple team-working skills and the skills to be able to handle working with kids with different personalities and ideas.”

For those who would like more information about the camp counselor position, follow Islander Rec on their social media platforms and visit