Greek Week Continues at TAMU-CC despite the coronavirus


Gabriella Ruiz

Members of Gamma Phi Beta on their Gamma Phi Wednesday

Gabriella Ruiz, Sports Editor

On April 10, fraternities and sororities kicked off Greek Week for 2021 by attending the BIG event to volunteer within their student organization and at the end of the day they hosted a Chipotle Profit Share fundraiser for their Omega Scholarship.

Due to COVID-19 happening in 2020, Greek Week was canceled and affected all the members who were planning to participate. However this year Greek Week will be hosted both in person and virtually following the social distance protocols set by Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi.

Every year students look forward to having Greek Week where each chapter is able to come together to celebrate a friendly competition.

Greek week is intended for the fraternities and sororities to join and get paired up into different teams in different organizations. All TAMU-CC students who are in the fraternities or sororities are a part of a governing council in which they belong to either The Islander Fraternity Council, Panhellenic Council or the Multicultural Greek Council.

The rest of the week’s schedule will consist of a Social Media Challenge, Penny Wars, virtual guest speaker, FSL on the Hunt, Family Feud, Bingo and lastly their FSL Awards which will end on Thursday.

Coordinator for Fraternity & Sorority Life, Stacy Rowan, was sad over not being able to put on the Greek Week events last year for their students due to it being canceled completely. “This is the first year that we’re kicking off Greek Week with BIG Event,” said Rowan, “Which we’re really excited about that. Bingo is a new event for us. We have never done that before. They are able to end this year with better spirits. I know this has been a hard year for everyone and I hope that they meet new people. That’s always the goal… our hope is that they create relationships with people in other organizations that they haven’t met before.”

In order for these Greek Events to be put on in person there will be a limited number of people allowed to attend in the University Center Anchor Ballrooms, and each chapter will have a certain amount of people in their group to have on the team.

Gamma Phi Beta member, Jill Zimmerman, enjoys Greek Week by spending time with her sisters and having the chance to meet new members from the other organizations. “I was super disappointed that Greek Week was canceled last year,” said Zimmerman, “It was going to be my first time participating in it and it sounded really fun. I hope to make memories and build our sisterhood this year at Greek Week.”

For more information on Fraternity & Sorority Life stay tuned on their I-Engage page for additional details.