SGA welcomes President-elect Mo Jenkins and Vice President-elect William Whitworth


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Newly elected Vice President William Whitworth (left) and President Mo Jenkins (right).

Karina Garcia, Riptide Anchor

After a successful campaign, the Student Government Association (SGA) welcomed President-elect Mo Jenkins and Vice President-elect William Whitworth. They won a steady race against runner-up William Hammond and his partner Luke Tschritter, and against candidate Amine Khodja and his partner Nabil Abdelaziz Ferhat Taleb.

“Our Islander Community can expect transparency, inclusion, and accessibility. As President I plan to be readily available to our students, to attend club and organization meetings, and lastly to be out and about on campus. There are no plans to sit in the office all day or to hide away from students but to be boots to the ground with them and listen and understand what it is that they need,” said President-elect Jenkins.

As of now, President-elect Jenkins said they are striving to ensure that the Island university uses “inclusive language and practices,” which has been evident since the passage of the Campus Expression of Self Act. Jenkins commented that they plan to address food insecurity by closely working with Izzy’s food pantry and campus dining services

President-elect Jenkins also mentioned they are hoping to push the “Green Initiatives package” through the senate floor with the help from the Islander Green Team, as well as push for “Comprehensive Government reform” and the Inclusive Islander Initiative.

As explained by Jenkins, a section of the Inclusive Islander Initiative is to create career readiness funds. Essentially, these funds will make sure “our students will have the access to funds to take on internships and other unpaid positions to increase their skills and to complement their degree as they get ready to enter the workforce.”

Additionally, Vice President-elect Whitworth stated that one of the goals for this presidency is to establish a stronger connection with the student body by meeting with on-campus organizations and clubs. “As mentioned in our campaign, the Islander community can expect pure transparency, steps toward a more inclusive campus, and overall accessibility. Being Mo’s running mate and now Vice President of the Student Government Association, I will remain active in the community,” said Whitworth.

As alluded by both Jenkins and Whitworth, Islander spirit plays a huge role at the university and this is something they want to encourage by, “creating Islander traditions on and off-campus by working with our campus administration to have more events such as Wind Jam for the students and the community!”  stated Whitworth.

As for now, the Islander community will be witness to this new presidency as the 31st session to ever take place at TAMU-CC. “​We are excited for this chance to lead our Islanders into this new chapter and look forward to working with leaders all over campus to make it a reality. We want to make SGA more integral in the student experience and to make sure that students not only know we exist but also get involved in our processes outside of the elections period,” said Jenkins.