I-TEAM remembers 9/11 with poetry readings


Tom Murphy begins the event by reading the first poem to all the students, faculty and staff attending.

Gabriella Ruiz, Sports Editor

On Sept. 7, I-TEAM Peer Educators hosted a Remembrance Poetry Reading at the Anchor Plaza Peace Pole in honor of the 20 Anniversary in remembrance of 9/11. Eight poems were presented by members of the Islander community as they spoke on the behalf of memorializing the tragic day that impacted many people.

Tom Murphy, 2021-2022 Corpus Christi Poet Laureate and author of “The Small Wheel- But the All” from the collection American History, started off the day by reading the first poem to everyone. 

Daniel Passonno, Prevention Education Coordinator, said how I-TEAM wanted to have different poems from the TAMU-CC library to remember Sept. 11. “I hope [students] take the time to remember September 11, you know as each year passes,” said Passonno, “It’s important that they kind of educate themselves about what that day was and what the impact is even today.”

The additional poems included Tony Long, Graduate Assistant with the Department of Engagement Initiatives, who read “South Tower 96 Floor, Corner Office” by John Sharpe. Faith Neyra, Admissions Counselor from the Office of Admissions and Recruitment, read the “Jesus Poem” by Susan Birkeland. Triana Garcia, member of I-TEAM Peer Educators, read “Holy Smoke” by Ira Cohen. Tiffany de Leon, Anchor Camp Leader, read “Ground Zero” by Robert Creeley. Meagan Pendleton, President of the Islanders for Social Justice, read “Blood from the Albatross.” Maria Rodriguez, Director of Activities for Zeta Tau Alpha, read “Crucifixion from the Albatross.” Lastly to end the poetry readings, Camila Arroyo, National Society of Leadership and Success member, read “I’m Listening Again from the Albatross.” 

Ellianna Nejat, I-TEAM Chair, said how this 9/11 Poetry Reading brought up a lot of feelings as I-TEAM hoped that the eight poems would help heal others. “I was hoping that we could kind of heal from a tragic time in our history, like recent history,” said Nejat, “I think it’s very important that we do this, just to get the word out there, it’s kind of in our generation. I was talking to one of my co-workers, it’s like a distant thing for us, but it’s recent, and it could happen again.”

All week long TAMU-CC will be remembering the 20 anniversary by hosting more events that everyone can take part in. Other events will include a Wreath Laying Ceremony on Sept.10 at the East Lawn, Hometown Heroes Night Islander Soccer on Sept. 10, Patriot Day Service opportunities on Sept. 11 and other events that will bring everyone together to remember.