TAMUCC’s I-Team hosts the first “Bondfire” event since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic


TAMUCC’s I-Team hosted the “Bondfire” event on Aug. 20 as part of the Waves of Welcome events held on campus which welcomes new and returning Islanders to the fall semester.

Arriving to the event, students stood in line and conversed with one another while waiting to enjoy the fire pits scattered around the East Lawn at TAMU-CC. Upon check in, students were given their own I-Team “Bondfire” t-shirt along with stickers and smores. They then had the opportunity to sit at one of the several bonfires spread throughout the lawn, as a way to encourage social distancing. According to I-Team there were approximately 800 students that attended and as a result supplies ran out quickly due to more people showing up than originally expected. 

Many students went to the event with the hopes of meeting new friends that night and to become more familiar with the student body. The I-Team Advisor, Daniel Passonno, talked about the preparation and expectations for the event. “We started planning in the spring,” Passonno said, “I think students were really excited for an in person event, a big part of this event is to have people get to know each other.”

UC Radio host, Adam Shelton, mentioned what he believed was the highlight of the night. “When we got a whole bunch of people doing the cupid shuffle,” Shelton said, “That was a pretty high point in terms of energy and excitement in the crowd.” 

As the campus begins to host welcoming events, COVID-19 is still continuing to spread throughout the county which might be a concern for certain students. Kamilla Anderson, a first year TAMU-CC student, mentioned their thoughts on the potential risk. “I’m not too worried because it’s outside,” said Anderson.

When asked if there were any concerns for potential spreading of COVID-19, I-Team went on to say no. “We make sure to follow all CDC and University guidelines,” said Passonno, “if someone does not follow the guidelines they will be asked to leave.”

Shelton mentioned that at some point the students will have to take it upon themselves to decide if they feel safe enough to go to events, regardless of their vaccination status. “I think I-Team did a relatively good job,” commented Shelton, “The fires were quite spaced out, and I think the proper precautions were taken.” 

The I-Team will also be hosting another big event called Party House on Sept. 23, where students will have an active learning experience on topics such as binge drinking, sexual assault, alcohol poisoning and more. More information about the event, as well as other upcoming campus events, can be found on I-Engage.