New Life Young Adults Organization Transforms the Lives of TAMU-CC Students

NLYA holds monthly gatherings for students to connect with God and others.

Photo courtesy of New Life Church.

NLYA holds monthly gatherings for students to connect with God and others.

New Life Young Adults (NLYA), a Christian organization, actively serves as a driving force for Christ in Corpus Christi and gives young adults a place to connect and call home at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi. NLYA hosts weekly small group meetings for students to grow closer to God and build lasting relationships with fellow students. NLYA also hosts monthly gatherings and once-a-year events called “One Night” to share the Gospel. The Young Adults Pastor Tarik Whitmore explained “NLYA is a nondenominational Christian organization primarily made up of college students. Any TAMU-CC student is invited to attend our events, which are usually held on campus or at the local New Life Church.” Tarik graduated with a bachelor’s degree in psychology from TAMU-CC in 2019 and shared that NLYA completely transformed his life. “When I moved from Dallas to Corpus Christi I didn’t know anyone, but through NLYA I found a family and developed a strong relationship with Christ. I felt so moved by the organization that I decided to become a pastor at New Life Church in Corpus Christi” Tarik stated. Tarik explained that NLYA has helped students overcome destructive lifestyles and deal with anxiety and shame. “I’ve seen NLYA completely change people’s lives for the better and provide them with a sense of belonging that is stronger than anything they’ve previously experienced” Tarik testified. 

NLYA brings light and hope to the lives of TAMU-CC students through worship and prayer. (Photo courtesy of New Life Church)

Although college may be an overwhelming experience, NLYA students feel that they have a safe place to call home. Whitney Yates, a Senior majoring in Nursing, stated “I moved to Corpus Christi from Dallas. When the semester started, I attended a weekly lifegroup and church on Sundays. I’d never felt a belonging and community like this or made such lasting friendships before. NLYA was exactly what I needed when I moved to Corpus not knowing anyone–a home away from home. Jesus is written all over this ministry and I’m so thankful to be a part of it.” 

Students may be hesitant to attend events or join the group but Sebastian Mejia, a Sophomore majoring in Business Marketing, explained that NLYA is a non-judgmental space for students to find Christ and friends. Sebastian stated “NLYA is a family- a church of spirit-filled individuals that don’t see one person different from another. I’ve had some radical life experiences and have made some amazing, life-long friends. Coming into this church I was very lukewarm with my faith, still asking myself if I really wanted to go all in with this whole Christian lifestyle. On October 1, 2021, I made the decision to dedicate my life to Jesus and get baptized and I haven’t been the same since. If I could offer one piece of advice it’s this: don’t ask yourself ‘is NLYA a place for me?’ Instead, ask yourself, ‘am I ready to be radically changed?’ Then, all you have to do is come in and build your story!” Additionally, Brooke Pertuit, a Sophomore majoring in Kinesiology, shared that “everyone is so welcoming and sweet, which made me question the people that I had previously surrounded myself with. NLYA has given me such beautiful relationships with people who encourage me in my walk with Jesus.”

As NLYA continues to grow and touch the lives of students on campus, Tarik, the Young Adults Pastor, would like students to know “all TAMU-CC students are invited to come with their questions and doubts and see how they are impacted.” More information regarding NLYA and upcoming events can be found on their website: