Eternals premiere leaks Harry Styles cameo


Photo courtesy of Fiction Horizon.

Rumor has it that Harry Styles will be playing Starfox/Eros at the post-credit scene.

Marvel fans are getting ready to see the new Marvel Cinematic Universe ‘Eternals,’ set to premier Nov. 5 in theaters. This latest Marvel movie features a new group of superheroes that are, as the title suggests, immortal.

Chloe Zhao, director and co-writer of “Eternals,” covers literally thousands of years of human history before the Eternals reunite to try and defeat the Deviants. 

According to the Marvel Cinematic Universe Wiki, the Deviants are the Eternals’ historical enemies who are their monstrous near-immortal racial cousins. The Eternals come from the planet Olympia, as their mission is to defend humanity from the Deviants taking over Earth. However, the Eternals and Deviants wouldn’t have been created if it weren’t for the Celestials who are comic beings.

Throughout the film, the audience will be introduced to the ten new superheroes and learn about each character’s personality. (Photo courtesy of Marvel Studios)

Marvel fans were split between being thrilled and upset when the “Watermelon Sugar” Grammy winner, Harry Styles, was allegedly reported to make an appearance in the post-credits scene as Thanos’ brother. Styles was confirmed officially by Matt Donnelly, senior Film Writer for Variety, who announced the reveal on Twitter at the “Eternals” premiere on Oct. 19. 

“I think the movie looks really good but different from the first few Marvel movies,” said Andrea Reyna, senior in Kinesiology. “I think it’s super cool that [Harry Styles] is associated with such a big franchise and making his way into more acting roles.” 

The film itself is a mix between Science Fiction, Fantasy, drama, and action that Marvel Studios produces. The cast features a wide variety of diverse faces and includes Angelina Jolie, Salma Hayek, Gemma Chan, Richard Madden, Don Lee, Brian Tyree Henry, and more.

Sasha Alcorta, a senior in Interdisciplinary Studies here at TAMU-CC, says her childhood revolves around Marvel, as she grew up watching it with her brothers. Alcorta plans on watching the film when it is released in theaters and she’s excited for Harry Styles joining MCU. Alcorta also commented on the way Marvel fans are trying to be a gatekeeper to the MCU by fussing about Zhao the director casting Styles for a role.

“I feel like a lot of people hate because [Harry Styles] was in a band,” said Alcorta. “People don’t want to bring in an already known name or someone who isn’t solely an actor. They don’t want to bring in only Harry Styles fans to the MCU. All the little fights and controversies surrounding this movie and his potential appearance, it’s just building buzz for the movie which is going to draw in audiences.” 

Don’t miss out on watching “Eternals” in a theater near you this upcoming Nov. 5.